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Alternative Management for Traditional Risks

Stay focused on your clients

Luminist Capital is focused on their investments



Let 50 years of Experience

Open a new door to personal investing



Luminist Capital helps advisors create their own Registered Investment Advisory firm


Luminist Capital provides solutions for advisors looking to outsource asset management 


Luminist Capital offers portfolios focused on limiting risk and optimizing exposure to major asset classes


Luminist Capital designs bespoke investment solutions for unique situations



Complete investment advisory solutions allow our partners to focus on client relationships. Whether you are looking to go independent or are already an independent advisor looking for a partner, Luminist Capital has a customized solution that will fit your needs.

  • Streamlined onboarding, backoffice and reporting
  • Model and custom portfolios
  • White label and targeted marketing programs
  • Custom designed succession plans




Advisor Gears


Safe House


Proprietary portfolios constructed to mitigate risk will meet the unique needs of any investor.

  • Full range of portfolios with focuses ranging from wealth preservation to aggressive alternative
  • Diverse product suite ranging from low cost to full service
  • Personalized investor profile assessment
  • Structured risk management process reflecting years of trading and market making experience





Bespoke investment services for individuals and institutions of all sizes.

  • Collaborative strategy development for individuals with unique requirements
  • Retirement distribution strategies
  • Concentrated wealth protection


Lightbulb Gears


Option Protected Overlay Portfolio
Unleveraged exposure to key equity, fixed income, sector, commodity and currency segments designed to reduce volatility while offering unlimited upside potential and downside protection.
Enhanced Protected Market Participation
Leveraged exposure to key equity, fixed income, sector, commodity and currency segments designed to outperform the underlying markets while reducing volatility and offering downside protection.
Ultra Protected Market Participation
Highly leveraged exposure to key equity, fixed income, sector, commodity and currency segments designed to substantially outperform the underlying markets while offering protection against catastrophic loss.
Alternative Equity Yield
Leveraged equity portfolio uses volatility exposure to generate yield while protecting downside risk.
Enhanced Equity Income
Unleveraged equity exposure utilizing option premiums to augment income and reduce portfolio risk.
Special Situation
Aggressive long/short strategy identifies short term, fixed risk opportunities to generate non-correlated returns.


Luminist Capital was founded on sound investing, risk management and wealth preservation principals.  The name Luminist is derived from Luminism, the American art style often associated with the Hudson River School.  Luminism is characterized by shedding light on the natural environment and emphasizing details the common observer would often overlook.  This philosophy is the backbone of our approach to investing and risk management.


Justin Biebel

Managing Partner | Chief Investment Officer

More about Justin

Justin has been managing options-based portfolios for over 15 years, first as a market maker on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), then at GFT Markets and GAIN Capital.  He was responsible for the development and operation of a trading platform that supported option trading on streaming prices, 24 hours a day, on over 15,000 options.  Justin has extensive experience managing risk associated with options on equities, indices, commodities and currencies.  The proprietary risk management methods he developed and fine-tuned over the years made options the most profitable product by volume offered by GFT and GAIN.  Justin received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  He currently resides in Grand Rapids, MI with his wife, three children and Spinone.

John Timmermans

Managing Partner | Head of Sales & Marketing

More about John

John's experience ranges from foreign currency market maker and futures broker, to option trader and risk manager.  The bulk of his career has been spent on electronic trading desks as a market maker and risk manager. Throughout the years his ability to connect to clients and colleagues alike has prepared him perfectly for his role at Luminist Capital. He is a registered Investment Advisor Representative holding series 65 and series 3 licenses. He is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a degree in Business Administration. He currently resides in East Grand Rapids, MI with his wife and 2 children.







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